Dressing for Pleasure

I'd heard about this film but never seen it, and oh how it sums up "The Age of Atomage" gentle and polite people sharing their love of rubber, I can quite see how I got to Ms Swat from there. Also the original Jordan (with real bosoms) puts in an Appearance, and her title was I believe Punk Princess, maybe a tad more confrontational than the rest of the participants, but what a time that was, when British Rail (ooer) would let someone travel First Class because of their unconventional dress! Unfortunately the Vimeo movie I originally linked to has disappeared, if I can find the whole movie again I will link accordingly, at this time however all I can bring you is this lovely taster. Thank you very much to Mr Robin for pointing out this gem in the first place, and for Dangerous Minds for directing us to Vimeo and through his piece on the work of the director John Samson. I thought the quote from the LIDF website summed up his approach to his subject matter very well: "Samson was an extremely compassionate filmmaker who never sought to exploit his unusual subjects. Instead he would immerse himself in their strange worlds; his keen eye teasing out motivations while never lacking a dry yet gentle good humour".


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