Les Girls

Not the neatest of painting, you'll agree, I will have to try a smaller paintbrush, and my hands may not be as sure as they used to be, but once I started a felt the call of "The Makings" stirring deep inside me. I think they are too small to film really, if they have to make any sudden moves. I could see if there are bigger pegs available - or use wooden spoons...! or maybe I should hark back to the rag doll I made for a friend (it was a Mag Doll as her name is Magda - gro-o-oan, I'm amazed that it was such a poor joke that spurred me onto such a long winded project... see below!) I also now have the urge to do a Swat Peg - or a So Peg!
Anyway, these Babes, should be dressed, we'll see what happens. Meantime I'm still looking for a cast for our "Pillowman" fairy-tales.

Looked through my pictures of the aforementioned Mag Doll and found a picture I took as I was putting the finishing touches to her. Oh lordy does this mean I have to make another rag doll - or several!


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