Rubberfish Revival

Ok, so what's this dishevelled old portfolio picture doing here?
Well, back at the beginning of this year I showed my Rubberfish portfolio to someone. It felt funny and familiar carrying this A3 case on the train and down from the station. As they started to look through and I took them on the journey of the characters, Madame Sø and her Persephone persona with her Aztec guard dog, the Chicken lady and all her dressing room accoutrements. I talked about telling the Chicken Lady's biography to someone at an art show who suddenly turned round to me and just said "I'll take it" and at the same show, the 11 year old boy who found the image of her putting on lipstick "Wow!!! A blue chicken lady!!! Mum, mum! Can you get me the blue chicken lady". The little girl in a push chair staring up at Ms Swat - "I lke red" she said. I think those were the best times, meeting people in person and telling them all about my characters.

And so, as I revisited this time the vibrant worlds of my characters opened up for me once more and I felt like I came home, to a place I hadn't been for such a long time.

So I knew I would be going back, to some form of visual storytelling, the only thing was, how, with everything else I was doing, would I find the time?...


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