Thursday, 6 October 2011

Les Girls

Not the neatest of painting, you'll agree, I will have to try a smaller paintbrush, and my hands may not be as sure as they used to be, but once I started a felt the call of "The Makings" stirring deep inside me. I think they are too small to film really, if they have to make any sudden moves. I could see if there are bigger pegs available - or use wooden spoons...! or maybe I should hark back to the rag doll I made for a friend (it was a Mag Doll as her name is Magda - gro-o-oan, I'm amazed that it was such a poor joke that spurred me onto such a long winded project... see below!) I also now have the urge to do a Swat Peg - or a So Peg!
Anyway, these Babes, should be dressed, we'll see what happens. Meantime I'm still looking for a cast for our "Pillowman" fairy-tales.

Looked through my pictures of the aforementioned Mag Doll and found a picture I took as I was putting the finishing touches to her. Oh lordy does this mean I have to make another rag doll - or several!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Pillowman Project Starteth

Will be starting rehearsals for our production of Martin McDonagh's "The Pillowman" at the end of December (our run is Febuary 6th to 11th 2012) and have been cogitating our "style set". I'd already designed some posters (I will have to have the full set done by the beginning of December for the publication of the semi-annual programme for the IP, so I was getting in there early), and it was only after some talking with my co-director that I realised we could go down the "Wizard of Oz colour explosion shattering the interrogation grey with an exuberance of odd and maybe slightly disturbing toys" route rather than the "black and white Carl Dreyer meets Watch with Mother" route or even the "animated scratchy pen and ink doodles" route which I had been toying with.... animation would have been nice, but will take longer than I can afford at the moment...

anyway, we need a "cast" for our projection, I've put a call out to various friends and I had a thought as I was going to sleep last night - I'd been thinking of fairy tales, lace cushions and bobbins (erm???) and suddenly I remembered Dolly Pegs.

Unfortunately much smaller than I remembered, and the ladies in Mortens (hardware store) concurred. Painting a face on one of these babes reminds me of the buttons I used to paint with my old partner in music, David but I will have to revisit with another set of pictures later. It's going to be fiddly to say the least.