Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mermaids all in a Row Row Oh

Had an exhausting but exhilarating ride on the learning curve for this performance experience. I was approached as a performer to take part in the 'Million Dollar Mermaid' project by Yorkshire Life Aquatic. Put together by Choreographer Zoe Parker and Performer Lucy Meredith the project intermingled  personal histories of swimming and body issues with poses of swimming star Esther Williams, synchronised swimming all injected with characters and humour to produce pieces that could be adapted to interact with water features. We were in residence at Barnsley Civic for a week that culminated in a Mermaid Gala and then went on to Bramley Baths to do the same, but actually incorporating work in the swimming pool.

There's much more to add about this but I wanted to put some links to images by the extraordinary Lizzie Coombes first and then add more text later.

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